Welcome to the official JSC TM website.

JSC TM it is located in industrially developed region of Tatarstan - the city of Naberezhnye Chelny, in 5 kilometres from JSC Kamaz.

The enterprise – the foundry direction, possessing substantially an innovative component. First of all on replacement of a material of cast products, and also it is direct according to the production technology. The main objective – increase of operational properties and a resource of products on the basis of highly effective production on release of castings and products from an innovative material (Fe - Al - the C cast iron) centrifugal way and exact shaped moulding on installed gas models (LGM method) for needs of various areas of the industry and housing and communal services.

JSC TM on own base carries out developmental technological development:

  • Corrosion-resistant cast iron.
  • Heat resisting cast iron.
  • Cast iron with not magnetic properties (cast irons an austenitny class)
  • High-strength cast irons (C4-40, 50; B4-100, 120)
  • Has possibility of creation of sites of foundry production under "key" with services of preparation of the qualified experts for work in this direction.

The enterprise possesses 5 copyright certificates and 3 patents for inventions which underlie uniqueness of the production technology of production.