About the Company

JSC TM - one of leading Russian companies – producers with an innovative approach to business with a full cycle of manufacturing in own production territory of the foundry and metallurgical equipment, centrifugal moulding and high-precision details. Use of the latest scientific developments, unique designs and power provide our superiority over the similar equipment, moulding and details of other firms – producers by efficiency, many-sided nature of application, reliability, to operational indicators. Uniqueness of the foundry and metallurgical equipment, moulding and the details made by JSC TM, guarantees implementation of orders of any complexity and volumes, increases number of customers and expands market geography. JSC TM constantly increases the scientific and technical potential, modernises and improves the let-out equipment, develops new foundry and metallurgical technologies, brands cast irons and alloys on a various basis and systems.

JSC TM unites now firms of the various foundry and intellectual and financial directions:

  • JSC Intellect Group Communications - the intellectual and financial direction
  • JSC MTF - manufacturing of a wide range of the foundry equipment (melting units - arc furnaces of a direct current, centrifugal machines etc.)
  • JSC Model - the manufacturer of modelling equipment, a compression mould etc.
  • JSC Litmash - foundry

JSC TM uses in the production activity own patents and development last research and approbation on the research base with involvement of various highly skilled experts of JSC Kamaz, JSC Dvigatelrenmontazh, INEKA, JSC ELAZ, JSC VMN VGTZ, JSC Iskra, JSC Votkinsky zavod, JSC Bummash, JSC VZBT, VNIKTI Ministry of Railways of the Russian Federation, JSC Uralvagonzavod, JSC HK Kolomensky zavod etc. development of foundry production and transition from classical cast iron on new cast iron to high operational properties occurs which acts.