Products of foundry production

JSC TM offers to delivery chisel plugs of own manufacturing for various types of chisel pumps from a wearproof material of new generation with the raised operational indicators, and also shaped moulding on installed gas models (analogue of exact moulding) according to drawings of the customer from cast iron and colour alloys.

Chisel plugs from a new material at identical cost with the chisel plugs made of Art. 75, have in 2-3 times the bigger guaranteed operational resource and reuse possibility their ambassador of turning processing of internal diameter with smaller on bigger, i.e. with F120 on F130 etc. 

Casting received with LGM method have the exact sizes, thickness of walls to 0,2 mm., difficult equal and smooth configuration of an internal and external surface.

Our partners are such known enterprises as: JSC Kamaz, JSC Borets, JSC Tatneft, JSC Volgogradsky traktorny zavod, JSC Balakovorezinotekhnika, JSC Stroytransgaz, JSC NIIRP, JSC Volgogradsky zavod traktornoy tekhniki, NPO Iskra, JSC Volgadizelyapparat, JSC Udmurtneftebureniye, JSC Slavneft, JSC Bummash and tens more partners.