"Red" slimes

JSC TM developed and approved commercially economic technologies of complex, without waste and ecologically safe processing of the "red" slimes, slimes and scales of metallurgical productions, slimes of a gas purifications of domain and electromelting shops by direct restoration of iron from its oxides in ingots by means of impact on them direct current with certain characteristics in plasma and arc furnaces of direct current(PDPPT) with use of the know-how catalyst according to the scheme «Technology of direct restoration» therefore metal is taken, and the formed foundry slags are used as raw materials for cement production by "cement" option by an elementary grinding.

The developed technologies allow to overwork and utilise in industrial volume "red" slimes (alumina production wastes from bauxites), slimes and scales of metallurgical productions, slimes gas purifications of the domain and electromelting shops, being a problem of a world scale, with receiving commodity ingots in the form of pig-irons or steel preparations from constructional brands to ARMKO ferrums.

Thus extent of restoration of iron makes of oxides 70 … 90 %, amount of being formed slag 12 … 29 % from a waste loaded on restoration. The expense of the electric power makes ~ 680 kW hour / t.