Sleeves of diesel engines

Experience which we got by production of sleeves of cylinders for locomotives, ship diesel engines and a diesel engine generators, is enclosed in each unit of the let-out production, the patented technology of their manufacturing is the revolutionary decision in the field of engine-building.

The best indicators on finishing processing show exclusive results at fair processing. Operational indicators are increased at the expense of application of alloys with high physicomechanical characteristics, including tensile strength more than 400 MPas, application by a bainite matrix of cast iron reinforced by the alloying elements satisfying all inquiries of customers, up to use in the forced engines.

The enterprise developed revolutionary technology of receiving bainite structure in pig-iron cast preparations without difficult process of isothermal processing now in use. This technology reduces harmful effects on environment in the course of production manufacturing. 

Our production prolongs durability of the engine, saves time and money of the customer, prolongs a reserve maintenance period of operation of the engine, increases its capacity.