JSC TM incorporates foundry shop, shop on manufacturing of the foundry equipment, mechanical shop and the modern certificated spectral and metalgraphic, ultrasonic, metrological and mechanical laboratory, a skilled and experimental site.

The foundry shop is equipped with arc furnaces of direct current PDPPT-1,0; PDPPT-3,0M; PDPPT-0,25; PDPPT-0,16 and centrifugal machines of own manufacturing and development. The enterprise makes products a method of centrifugal moulding with internal diameter from 100 mm., in external diameter to 1000 mm., in the length to 800 mm. from cast iron, steel, non-ferrous metals.

The mechanical shop allows to carry out both draught, and a finishing machining of received preparations.

The shop on manufacturing of the foundry equipment makes melting units of a direct current, centrifugal machines, crushers etc.

The shop on manufacturing of foundry equipment makes foundry equipment of any complexity and a configuration.

The laboratory is equipped with the modern equipment, allowing to define quality of suitable castings.

Skilled and experimental site, using the advanced equipment, allows to develop new foundry and metallurgical technologies, various brands of cast iron, there were also fast-cutting alloys.